Building a chrome extension to save useful code

I built it to scan code on any page

I just need the code! TBH this meme ^ resonates with me sometimes, I don’t always need the long-winded description. So I built this chrome extension to show only the code.

For example, imagine you are scanning a medium article or StackOverflow post. You can now just hit CMD+J to pull up the code on the page and scan until you find what you need.

This has been a huge time saver. Sometimes articles are too long-winded… And oftentimes I know the principles and just need to see the code. Nothing else.

Save Time

I hate having to re-google things for the exact syntax again. I wanted a tool that I can just save, search and tag collections of code for later re-use. With the chrome plugin I built, you can save code and access it across any of your devices.

To bookmark, just click the little bookmark in the top left and a popup will appear so can give the code a description like “How to do X” in the top input and tag it.

Searching Code Templates

At the top, go to “bookmarked code” tab and you can:

  • Search by tag or by description
  • Go to the original URL where the code was originally bookmarked on so you can get the full context.
  • Copy to clipboard with one click.

Start Curating your own code library:




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Mike Guoynes

Mike Guoynes

Hey I’m Mike, I’m a senior frontend engineer that enjoys discovering real-world problems and then designing & building useful products alongside great people.